Moon hangs low over Casper


“Show me the photographs of your mom, the one we don’t talk about. Your brother, the one who left. We will trace it all, on foot, knee deep in the snow. Pushing through the sleet and the bite. We will see what we find and feel what we don’t. And the grandmother will loom over us like the moon does. Constant, behind the clouds, in the shadow of the Earth.”

Various 16mm stocks & Sony A7iii

rizdeology podcast


Each episode focuses on a different campus space that has been underserved by the administration and survived by RISD community members. The 22-23 season intends to highlight community efforts around campus to inspire real conversation.

You can listen to the podcast on any listening platform. Find yours here.

Trading Earth soundwalk


I was a producer and sound designer/editor for the Trading Earth soundwalk, designed for in-gallery listening in the Trading Earth decorative arts exhibition at the RISD Museum.

Introduction to the podcast

In three parts, the podcast explores the legacy of triangle trade in ceramic objects throughout history. Each part focuses on a vessel and commodity from different corners of the world that have found their way into RISD’s collection. Through interviews with scholars, coffee roasters, and ceramicists, the path from maker to museum is traced with immersive sound design.

Listen to the rest of the soundwalk here.

16mm experiments


Hi-con 16mm film

Experimentation with material is integral to my filmmaking practice. 16mm film is an incredibly versatile medium and its physical quality allows me to manipulate any aspect of the image. 

Two geese fall in love on the Providence river

This ongoing research plays a part in all elements of my practice. I’m currently exploring how experimental 16mm film plays a role in non-fiction storytelling and installation.

Cricket Eclipse


Kodak 500T Color negative 16mm film

Hi, I’m Olivia.

I am compelled by the materiality of these time-based, ephemeral, or otherwise immaterial resources. This exploration unfailingly ushers me to themes of ancestry, ghosting, land, and interpersonal memory.